Wellbeing support for South Gloucestershire schools.

The aim is to raise the bar from mental health to mental WEALTH

We recognise that school is a fantastic investment in the future of our young people. It’s superb at the curriculum and does its best to build character, but the modern world demands more.

The biggest missing link in the curriculum is that rarely do we ever get taught how to love and respect ourselves, how to build mental strength and how to develop an inner confidence that shows up on the outside.

Basically, if you want to feel confident, resilient, creative, motivated, happy, and positive, you need to be reminded HOW. The project starts in May 2022. The first wave is aimed at year 6 transition, then year 7 ‘settling in’ with some additional focus on care leavers.

The aim is to build the project over time. There will be a growing library of resources that can be used in schools. There will also be some information and resources for parents, guardians and school staff.