Year 7

This phase of the project aims to embed the themes introduced in the year 6 resources, and develop the attitudes, behaviours and thinking needed to make Year 7 a huge success.

There will be 10 short videos released throughout the autumn term. Please watch, share, discuss and apply. Later on, we will work with groups of year 7s and train them up as ‘positivity ambassadors’. They will prepare their own videos and mini training sessions to take back into their primary schools.

Supporting Videos

Real or Fake

This video discusses the idea of authenticity. Paul talks about the difference between real and fake – and asks you to consider the difference being the ‘real you’ more often could make to your life.

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The ONE thing

This video introduces the idea of being ‘teachable’. Sanj suggests it’s the one thing everyone can do – and the thing which can make the biggest difference for us all.

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Back to the future

Andy takes us on a journey into the distant past and compares the experience of people from earlier times with the one we live today. Our ‘today’ is just ordinary – but compared to a ‘yesterday’ from ages ago, it’s extraordinary. We’re living today, but are we loving today?

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Perfectly Imperfect

Nikki introduces the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi. The idea or ‘perfect imperfection’ is usually applied to things, but Nikki suggests it could also be applied to us.

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Flis thinks about the power of advertising - and how it might just be designed to make you unhappy.

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Small change, big impact

Izzie tells a true story about how she got banned from Tesco… and how it got her thinking about choices.

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Everyday Supers

Time for an amazing reveal… the world is full of superheroes, dressed up as ordinary people! They lift us up, sort us out and most importantly they care. Flis points out that, surprise surprise, you’ve got it in you to be one too.

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Mr Men

Will talks about how we are all a lot of different personalities - and not just one. He also considers the choice we have about which personality we are going to be...

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Rose tinted

Izzie tells a short story about a couple looking out of their window… and uses it to consider how the way we view the world impacts on how we experience the world.

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The thing about skool

Hannah recognises the good stuff that is taught in schools, but has noticed some of the really important lessons in life which aren’t in any curriculum...

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