Year 6 Transition

While some children manage the step up to ‘big school’ with effortless ease, we recognise that for many, this is one of life’s big transitions. A new environment brings new opportunities, challenges and friendship groups.

Our aim is to introduce some themes around wellbeing, confidence, resilience and positivity that will help children cope with whatever changes might be occurring in their lives. In terms of the current year 6s, it’s about getting excited about September, rather than anxious.

There are 6 videos in the summer term library (below). Please show them in class and discuss the themes. There is a suggested class discussion question plus additional downloadable activities to accompany each video.

Supporting Videos

1. The Art of Being BRILLIANT

This video introduces pupils to the science of Positive Psychology...

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2. The Game of Life

Paul introduces a very simple animation that tells the story of Rhianna. The video shows the transition to being a 2%er and focuses largely on attitudinal choices...

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3. Kung Fu Panda

Andy reminds us about the best movie ever made, making points about human potential and confidence along the way.

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4. Carry on squeeeezing

Sanj introduces some growth mindset material via a story about his tube of toothpaste...

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5. Get HUGGy

Flis reminds us about the 2%ers and then introduces us to one of their key habits – Huge Unbelievable Great Goals...

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6. Finding U-Mo

Izzie shares the ultimate paradox: we’re all the same, yet uniquely different...

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7. Stepping UP

This video pulls the themes together and looks specifically at the challenges and opportunities of stepping up in September

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